It’s not that you just study away, it’s how you study away

This past Wednesday, students at Pacific Lutheran University attended the annual Study Away Fair, held each year on campus as our students contemplate applying for a yearlong, semester or J-Term course. It’s always exciting to see where the students chose to go, and why. This is particularly on my mind this week, as I’m in ...Read More

‘How was your summer?’

When I ask our students what they did over summer break, I am consistently impressed by their motivation. This summer, Nellie Moran ’15, an Economics and French major, worked for the Democratic National Committee in Washington D.C., during which time she met President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. During her ...Read More

Convocation, Opening of the New Year

PLU marks the opening of our ‘new year’ with Convocation. This ceremony dates back to customs from medieval universities meant to welcome new students and new faculty, and to set intentions for the year ahead — together. This morning, I had the honor of speaking to our Lute community and sharing in ...Read More

Favorite #welcomehomelutes Posts

Welcome home, Lutes! What you see and what you feel on campus is important. One of the ways that Lutes communicate the look, feel and spirit of our community is through your Instagrams, Facebook posts and tweets. Below are a few of my favorite of the PLU community’s New Student Orientation and ...Read More

The Intersection of Diversity, Justice and Sustainability

PLU recently had the honor of hosting Dr. Carolyn Finney, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science, Policy and Management at the University of California-Berkeley and author of Black Faces, White Spaces, at our annual University Conference to kick off the new academic year.  She reminded us that we are inescapably interwoven with each ...Read More

Response to NYT article: ‘Is a Degree Still Worth It? Yes, Researchers Say, and the Payoff Is Getting Better’

During Fall Conference this week, I talked about some of the misconceptions around the student loan debt debate.  In particular, I pointed to a Federal Reserve Bank of New York study that found that the return on investment for all college degrees has held steady at roughly 15% annually for more than ...Read More

PLU Colors Flyin’ High!

A burgee is a distinguishing flag, regardless of its shape, of a sailing vessel. Here is a glance at our PLU colors flying high!   ...Read More

Reading Recommendation | ‘Stop Blaming Colleges for Society’s Problems: The value of an elite education remains unparalleled’

Reading Recommendation | David A. Bell’s article on, “Stop Blaming Colleges for Society’s Problems: The value of an elite education remains unparalleled” This is a thoughtful piece on why universities will survive, and in fact thrive, in an era of free, online courses and concern over the value of a college ...Read More

Two Lutes Attend Peace Scholars Program at the Oslo International Summer School

With seemingly unending conflict in the Middle East, and now horrible atrocities in the Ukraine with the downing of the Malaysian jet, it’s easy to throw up one’s hands and wonder if anything, really, anything is going to make a difference in this world. But there are two Pacific Lutheran University students ...Read More

Response to PolicyMic article: ‘The Obama Administration Finally Has An Answer to Student Debt — And Colleges Hate It’

A student messaged me on my Facebook page the other day with an article on college rating systems. Along with messaging her back my response, I thought to share my opinion here with you. ————————- Hi President Krise, I’m eager to hear your thoughts on this issue: The Obama Administration Finally Has ...Read More